Installing applications

With Batis installed, you can install applications by clicking a link on the application’s webpage. For example: install a sample application.

If you prefer to use the command line, copy the URL from the link (it will begin with batis://), and run:

batis install batis://...

You can also install an application packaged with Batis by unpacking the tarball and running the file inside it, whether or not you have Batis installed.

Uninstalling applications

batis uninstall <name>

Run batis list to see the names of installed applications.

Adapting applications not packaged with Batis

It may be possible to install an application with Batis even if the developers didn’t package it for that. This can add launcher entries and file associations which would otherwise need to be set up manually. It also gives you a standard way to uninstall applications.

Adapters for suitable applications are being collected in the batis-adapt repository. See if there’s already an adapter for the application you want, and if not, consider adding one.